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Welcome to Kindergarten Cafe - your home for teaching ideas, activities, and strategies across all content areas! I am Zeba McGibbon and I love creating resources for teachers and sharing my teaching experience with others. Kindergarten Cafe is aimed for kindergarten, but teachers of Preschool-First grade can find resources here for their students! I love to connect with other teachers so please reach out and say hello!

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What’s in my Math Toolbox?

The same tools can be used to meet a variety of skills for math small groups or interventions. I keep my math toolbox stocked and ready to go behind my small group table for every kind of math group I might need! Hands-On Counting Math Teacher Tools

4 Tips for Teaching Sentences to Beginning Writers

When teaching beginning writers, it is important to teach them how to write a sentence. I have 4 tips for you when teaching sentences to beginning or struggling writers! Hearing comes first when teaching sentences As with all phonics and phonological skills, hearing the sounds and...

Teaching Living and Non-Living Things in Kindergarten

Teaching about living and non-living things is a crucial foundation to all life sciences, life cycles, biology and ecology. Thinking about living things may be easy, but non-living things are more abstract. Students should be able to group living things together to see the important characteristics they share. All of these activities come from my living and...

Turning Misbehaviors In The Classroom into Teachable Moments

The secret to good teaching? Finding those teachable moments and running with them. Good social-emotional instruction involves a balance of preventative instruction with responsive instruction. Today, I’m going to show you how to turn those misbehaviors in the classroom into responsive teachable moments. Reflecting on Misbehaviors in the Classroom

7 Tips for Difficult Parent-Teacher Conferences

I’m not sure about you, but I have Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences this week. With the upcoming conferences, I’m thinking ahead to some difficult conversations I will have to have on behavior or academic challenges my students are facing and I am reflecting on all that I have learned from difficult parent-teacher conferences in the past.

3D Shapes for Kindergarten

Teaching about 3-Dimensional (3D) Shapes for Kindergarten involves hands-on exploring, explicit teaching, and linking 3D shapes to our real world. With these three things, your students will have fun and learn a lot about 3D shapes! You can get all these 3D shape activities for kindergarten (and more!) from my shape unit!

Teaching High-Frequency Words in Kindergarten

When learning to read and write, learning high frequency words quickly and purposefully can make all the difference. In this blog post, I will go over my best tips for teaching high frequency words in Kindergarten so they actually stick! Want to read other phonics tips? Check out this blog post! What Makes a...

Read Across America Week

In case you haven’t heard, teachers and the National Educators Association are moving away from celebrating Dr. Seuss during Read Across America week, because of the growing research on his racist messages within his stories. So instead of celebrating Dr. Seuss, let’s celebrating the amazing authors that reflect the diversity of our country in their stories.

Addition and Subtraction Strategies

I love the time of year when we can start working on addition and subtraction strategies in math. There are three key strategies that I like to teach my students that draw on other important math understandings that we have been working on throughout the year. You can purchase the activities shown below here!

Phoneme Segmentation

The best way to increase your students’ reading and writing development is to work on phoneme segmentation. There is a clear order to work on these skills to best support the students in your classroom. For all the skills, you want students to be able to hear, match similar sounds, and break apart words with their sounds...