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Read Across America Week

In case you haven’t heard, teachers and the National Educators Association are moving away from celebrating Dr. Seuss during Read Across America week, because of the growing research on his racist messages within his stories. So instead of celebrating Dr. Seuss, let’s celebrating the amazing authors that reflect the diversity of our country in their stories.

Addition and Subtraction Strategies

I love the time of year when we can start working on addition and subtraction strategies in math. There are three key strategies that I like to teach my students that draw on other important math understandings that we have been working on throughout the year. You can purchase the activities shown below here!

Phoneme Segmentation

The best way to increase your students’ reading and writing development is to work on phoneme segmentation. There is a clear order to work on these skills to best support the students in your classroom. For all the skills, you want students to be able to hear, match similar sounds, and break apart words with their sounds...

Letter-Sound Correspondence

One of the most important concepts for kindergarteners to learn for their early literacy development is letter-sound correspondence. Children need to know that the written letters are connected to sounds we speak and they need to be able to match the two. Don’t wait to teach the sounds

Benefits to Reading Strategy Powerpoints

I love using reading powerpoints to enhance my reading instruction. Reading powerpoints showcase different reading strategies, use powerful shared reading technique, and encourages transfer of the reading skills. Reading strategies There are so many reading strategies you can teach with reading powerpoints. They are great for...

4 Simple Ways to Include Dramatic Play At Home

Dramatic play is a staple of the early childhood classroom and purposeful play. Dramatic play can easily be done at home, as well, with these four simple tips! For other tips on setting up play areas, check out this blog post! 1. Start Simple Children do...

5 Favorite Winter Activities

Not sure about you, but winter is my favorite time of year. I get so excited with the change of seasons and seeing snow. My students love this time of year too. I try and capture their excitement by channeling it in their play and academics. 1. Winter in the Classroom

New Year, New Zoom Activities

If you have been remote teaching like me, you might be bored of the same zoom activities over and over again. Or, maybe you are transitioning from hybrid to remote and need some activity ideas. Well, I’ve got you covered! Here are my new favorite zoom activities (to see some of my old favorites, check out this...

Reflecting on Teaching in 2020

This summer, I wrote about the crisis of education and how educators everywhere were feeling. I still can’t believe the number of teachers who reached out to me or shared my post and said that they were feeling the exact same way as me. Teachers from all around the country. Well, I wanted to reflect on how...

Are children falling behind?

It’s all over the news and all over Facebook. It’s all I hear at parent-teacher conferences. “Our children are falling behind.” “We need testing to see how far behind our children are.” “How far behind is my child?” Let me be very clear. Many children are not falling behind. Many children are learning so many skills that...