Caring Critters Children's Books

The Caring Critters Series!

The Caring Critters children's books and social-emotional curriculum features one social-emotional theme for each month. Each theme introduces a Caring Critter, a picture book featuring a social-emotional skill, a poster with an unforgettable phrase about the skill, lesson plans, read-aloud suggestions, an emergent reader teaching the use of the specific skill, multiple recording sheets, and a parent letter explaining the skill, the language used, and some ways to work on the skill at home.

Felipe the Feeling Frog

Walk around the neighborhood with Felipe the Feeling Frog, who learns that there is no such thing as a bad feeling! In this kid-friendly social and emotional learning book, children will learn different strategies for regulating emotions and identifying their feelings.

Other books in the series include:

  • Trixie the Thoughtful Turtle (coming soon)
  • Luke the Listening Lion (coming soon)
  • Charlie the Calm Cheetah (coming soon)
  • Harriet the Helpful Hedgehog (coming soon)

About the Author

Zeba McGibbon is a teacher, curriculum creator, and children’s book author. Through her curriculum creation company, Kindergarten Cafe, Zeba supports early childhood educators from arrival to dismissal with classroom-tested strategies and materials. She firmly believes in the power of teaching the whole child. Her proudest moments as a teacher have been seeing her students use the strategies that she has taught them to calm down, work with others, stay on task, and more! Her goal is to help teachers see these successes in their students too!

About the Illustrator

Denyse Walker is an artist and teacher turned children's book illustrator. Graduating with a BFA in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art, Denyse brings a unique perspective to her collaboration with her cousin, author Zeba McGibbon. Beyond her creative pursuits, you'll often find Denyse alongside her husband, cheering on their boys from the sidelines of a soccer field or going for a woodsy walk with the family dog Piper.

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