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As I enter into my first full week of summer vacation, my mind has not shut off completely from work. In fact, it is all a buzz thinking about possibilities for next year. For the past four years, I have had the same classroom theme: Pete the Cat. I love what this character represents: positive thinking, friendships, and flexibility. However, my pretend-designer-self is screaming, it is time to move on to a new theme. Don’t worry! I’ll still read lots of Pete the Cat books and have the Pete the Cat stuffed animal!

So, my new theme… When thinking of what I wanted, I thought about what I would love to stare at for 180 days without getting sick of it. I looked around the room and noticed that a lot of my stuff is already green/blue/teal/turquoise mixes (and those are my favorite colors) so I knew that would have to be a staple of the theme. Then I thought about how much I loved making things for my wedding – the theme of the wedding? Watercolor. I love to paint, so this was just an excuse to paint more, but it came out really nicely (if I do say so myself!).

And I just like things more when I make them. I know, I know, they always say, don’t reinvent the wheel! But I do like the wheel better when I make it myself! I’ve discovered this in creating things for Teachers Pay Teachers! I love using it so much more in the classroom, and I love sharing those creations with others.


Ok back to my theme… I decided – why not do the same theme as my wedding theme?! I mean I just love it so much, so why not! I am doing a watercolor theme, with green, blue, and purple as my focus.


I am really excited to share this progress with you over the summer. I’m still trying to decide just how much I want to make myself – I mean, I do want to relax a little this summer! I’ve already made a new calendar set , schedule cards, table numbers and made these cute signs to hang up in my room (which I’ve linked here!!). I plan to update my library cards and class jobs and make nametags. In an ideal world, I would make new supply labels as well, but I think that will just have to wait until next summer (I have a lot of supplies!)! So stay tuned for other updates and a final classroom reveal in the end of August!!

I even made a rainbow set if that is more your style!!


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