Kindergarten Teacher Essentials

If you want to have the systems that I’ve used successfully in my classroom that help you to work smarter, not harder this year, I’ve got just the thing. If you want to have systems that work for you, I’m here to help! I have put together ALL of my kindergarten teacher essentials in one convenient spot. Get help with:

  • ✅ every lesson plan and activity for the first two weeks of kindergarten
  • ✅ preparing for substitutes
  • ✅ planing small groups for math
  • ✅ planning literacy small groups
  • ✅ planning centers and activities
  • ✅ sending homework
  • ✅ preparing for parent-teacher conferences
  • ✅ assessing progress
  • ✅ teaching social-emotional skills
  • ✅ giving parents tips

Pick and choose the kindergarten essentials you want on my own website. Think of it as a make-your-own bundle! Choose the products that would best help you through your school year!

Now I know that these products all work because I use them all in my classroom. But I also know they help teachers because of the generous feedback I’ve gotten from teachers like you. Nothing makes me happier than hearing from teachers about how my products have helped them.