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You can't teach the child without teaching the WHOLE child! Welcome to Kindergarten Cafe, LLC - your home for teaching ideas, activities, and strategies to support you in teaching the whole child! I am Zeba McGibbon and I love creating resources for teachers and sharing my teaching experience with others. Kindergarten Cafe is aimed for kindergarten, but teachers of Preschool-Second grade can find resources here for their students! I love to connect with other teachers so please reach out and say hello!

The Key Strategies to Successful Transitions in Your Kindergarten Classroom

Transitioning from one activity to another can often be challenging for young children in a kindergarten classroom. However, with the right strategies...

The Power of Closing Meeting Activities to End Your Day in Kindergarten

In kindergarten, the end of the day can often feel chaotic as students gather their belongings and prepare to go home. However,...

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