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Teaching Listening Skills at the Start of the Year

Teaching listening skills at the start of the year is so important it is actually the first social emotional skill that I...

How to Set Up A Kindergarten Science Center

Kindergarten science centers are great to spark interest and curiosity and to develop observation skills. Science centers can be done in any...

Classroom Decoration Ideas: The Do’s and Don’ts

When thinking of classroom decoration ideas, it can be easy to be distracted with the pretty things we see on pinterest or...

How to Structure a Kindergarten Math Lesson

Kindergarten math lessons may appear different than the older grades, but they can follow a similar workshop structure. A kindergarten math lesson...

Top 5 Things Teaching During Covid Has Taught Me

These past two years have been a lot. They have brought a lot of negatives - uncertainty, stress, frustration, loss, worries, constant...


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