Following these 4 steps has helped make phonics the easiest and most successful part of my day! My students have grown so much in their spelling, reading, and phonics knowledge. Everyone knows the routines so well that, besides teaching the explicit phonics lesson, the phonics block completely runs itself.

⭐️ 4 steps to an effective phonics lesson

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Kindergarten Cafe is your home for teaching ideas, activities, and strategies to support you in teaching the whole child! I’m Zeba McGibbon, founder of Kindergarten Cafe, and current early childhood educator. I support early childhood teachers with classroom-tested strategies and materials that help take stress off our plates and support our students better from arrival to dismissal. My proudest moments as a teacher have been seeing my students using the strategies I’ve taught them to calm down, work with others, or stay on task with their work—and you can have this feeling too!

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