100th Day of School Activities

The 100th day marks a big milestone in the younger grades! I don’t know about you, but my students count each day of school until we get to 100 (and then until the end of the school year). I love this special day with my students because I love celebrating with them all that they have accomplished in 100 days, because it is a lot to celebrate! We love to celebrate all day long with these 100th day of school activities!

All of these activities are from my 100 Days of Learning product!

100th day of school activities: Counting fun

One of the strongest curricular connections to this special day is the math standard that students should be able to count to 100 by ones. This day lends itself to so many fun different ways to count to 100! I love to use these games to have students count ton 100 over and over again! They love to fill in the missing numbers, roll to 100, and find 100 items! There are also lots of fun counting to 100 videos that we do throughout the day on GoNoodle or Jack Hartman’s youtube!

100th day of school project

I also love to give my students a homework project to bring in 100 items in a fun design! They come up with the most creative ideas!

100th day of school activities: writing fun

100th day of school printables

Another fun way to celebrate is to answer silly prompts about 100 items. For example, if you had $100 what would you do with it? It is funny to see what your students think $100 will get them! Another question is what would you want to eat 100 of and what would you not want 100 of? I love reading my students responses – they crack me up every time!

Celebrating learning growth and progress

100th day is all fun and games, but I make sure my students know it is a celebration of all they have learned this year. And not just the academics- they have become friends and learners in just 100 days! I’ve seen a lot of people do activities for “100 Days Smarter” and I don’t like that idea. I don’t think it promotes a growth mindset with our students and it diminishes all the hard work that our students have done.

My students can choose between a crown and a necklace to display what they are proudest of learning in 100 days. They can choose between being a kind friend, sharing, learning the alphabet, reading, math, writing, following directions, thinking and wondering, listening, and an option for them to write in their own answer!

100th day of school free

I also give them a certificate of having 100 days of learning to be proud of. We also make a class book about all that we have learned in these past 100 days.


There are so many fun 100th day of school activities. It is one of my most favorite days of the year. I hope that my students end the day so proud of all that they have learned and how they have grown in 100 days of kindergarten!

Do you love to celebrate 100th day as much as me? Comment with your favorite activity!


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