9 Easy Apples & Fall Math Activities for Kindergarten

fall math activities for kindergarten

Are you looking for some easy fall math activities for kindergarten? Look no further! I have so many engaging ways to celebrate this new season with your students and help them continue to practice math! In the fall in kindergarten, children are mostly working on counting, and number identification and these fall math activities for kindergarten support these important skills.

Fall math activities for kindergarten: counting

kindergarten fall worksheets

Children need lots of practice counting different objects and different numbers of objects. I love using seasonal counters to make it seem new and fun for the students, while secretly working on the same skills over and over again. I like using these fall-themed counting boards to keep students engaged while practicing counting. Teachers can easily differentiate by offering different size objects to put in the fall shapes. If the counter is big, the students won’t need as many to fit inside of the fall shape.

With Feed the Squirrels, children only count out between 6 or 12 objects, depending on how many dice they use (another way to easily differentiate for students). Then at the end, they count up all the counters they used in total. They can use a number line to help keep track of how many counters they used.

When children play the Leaf Counting Activity they can choose between a mat with more leaves or one with fewer leaves that are more organized. Then, like Feed the Squirrels, they roll either 1 or 2 dice to cover up the leaves. They can either keep track of how many turns it takes to cover up all the leaves or they can count all the leaves when they finished.

Fall math activities for kindergarten: number identification and number writing

Roll and Cover

kindergarten fall worksheets

Playing Roll and Cover is a great way to practice number identification and it is easy to change up the game to be related to a new season or month, while still practicing number identifications. Students can use one dice or two dice to differentiate for what numbers they are working on. For students who are really struggling with number identification, they could use numeral dice instead of dot dice. If you like the apple and leaf roll and cover activities, you might like the monthly dice games I offer to continue playing roll and cover! Roll and Cover is nice because you can play individually or with a partner. Because there are so many ways to switch up the game it keeps children interested but they don’t need to be continually learning new games and rules.

fall math activities for kindergarten

Number Cards

Another way to help students work on number identification is to use these Fall Number Cards and have students match the different symbols to the numeral. This helps students learn the different ways to “name” the number (the numeral, dots, pictures, ten frame, tally marks, etc). I also like to use these cards to make a number line with the students. They get a handful of cards and have to put them in order from smallest to biggest.

Roll and Write

kindergarten fall worksheets math

In addition to identifying numbers, children need to practice writing the numbers. Roll and Write games are perfect for this! You can try it with the Apple Roll and Write, but if you really like it, have students practice writing their numbers every month with the monthly dice games bundle! Each month has different seasonal boards to practice writing numbers 1-12.


These fun fall math activities for kindergarten are perfect to continue practicing counting and number identification with our young mathematicians. Oftentimes, the same skill can be taught over and over again with students still engaged by just changing out the game board or the counters to something new and/or seasonal. Which activity are you excited to try with your students?

free roll and cover fall math game for kindergarten


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