Benefits to Reading Strategy Powerpoints

I love using reading powerpoints to enhance my reading instruction. Reading powerpoints showcase different reading strategies, use powerful shared reading technique, and encourages transfer of the reading skills.

Reading strategies

reading strategies powerpoint

There are so many reading strategies you can teach with reading powerpoints. They are great for teaching one-to-one correspondence, visual and sound cues, and sight words. You can use animations to make words appear or dots/lines/shapes appear under words. You can learn more about the reading strategies highlighted in the reading powerpoints and google slides here.

Shared reading

reading strategies powerpoint

Shared reading is a powerful reading technique when teaching reading. I love to use shared reading with my students as a warm-up or closing to my reading workshop. However, I struggle with holding up the big books or maneuvering the document camera to display the small books. I’ve started to use my emergent readers to display the text easily on the big screen for everyone to see. I also have taken pictures of some favorites and put them into different reading powerpoints over the years. You can easily point to each word and encourage everyone to read it together. You can read it over and over again to work on decoding first and then fluency and comprehension after that.

Transfers Easily

reading strategies powerpoint

I love using my emergent readers to encourage transfer from the shared reading big screen to paper books. We read them together for shared reading and then everyone gets a paper copy. With the emergent readers, they can write in the missing sight word on each page. They can also do this on seesaw with tracing over the sight word and then recording themselves reading the book. They can listen to it and re-read it over and over again! When students can read the shared reading texts independently, it helps elevate their reading levels! The shared reading levels tend to be a little higher than the students’ independent reading levels. Then, they are already familiar with the text and are confident in reading the text on their own.


Reading powerpoints are a great way to focus on reading skills, easily engage in shared reading, and encourage transfer of reading skills to the students’ independent reading. You can make them yourself by taking pictures of favorite easy-readers or you can use my reading powerpoints that come from my set of sight word emergent readers!

free reading powerpoint for kindergarten


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