Exploring Counting Math Centers in Kindergarten Classrooms

exploring counting math centers in kindergarten classrooms

Episode Summary

In this episode we are talking all about one of the really foundational math skills that kids learn in kindergarten, which is counting. Some kids who come to us totally already get this skill and know how to count up to 100 plus, and some kids struggle with it more than others. So we’re going to break apart this big concept into all the components that make up counting, and what to look for when we’re observing our students counting and how to support our students in moving forward with their counting skills. Plus, you’ll walk away with lots of easy ideas for counting math centers in kindergarten!

In this episode I share:

  • Understanding the different skills and abilities in counting
  • Strategies for counting and the importance of touch and move
  • Importance of counting with executive function skills
  • Tools to aid counting: counting mat, 10 frames, number lines
  • Components of counting: organization, one-to-one correspondence, number sequence
  • Ideas for counting math centers in kindergarten

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