Getting Ready for Parent-Teacher Conferences – Episode 2

preparing for parent-teacher conferences

With October in full swing, today’s episode dives into the topic of parent-teacher conferences and how to make the most of them. 

I want to share my personal experience with preparing for conferences and how I’ve learned to work smarter, not harder. 

From highlighting students’ strengths to setting development goals, I provide tips and tricks for navigating conferences with ease. 

It is so important to make parents feel heard and address their concerns. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn valuable insights on getting ready for parent-teacher conferences on The Kindergarten Cafe Podcast. 

In this episode I share:

  • Preparing for parent-teacher conferences, including setting goals for students’ development and providing parents with actionable ideas to support their child at home.
  • The importance of focusing on students’ strengths and sharing positive aspects with parents.
  • Tips for navigating the conference itself, such as starting with gratitude, addressing parents’ concerns, and sharing progress and goals.
  • Simple ways to schedule parent conferences

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