Relax Easy this Kindergarten Spring Break

kindergarten spring break packet

(SHARE 3/3) Kindergarten spring break is on the way, and you might be thinking how best to help your students not to forget every single thing you’ve already taught them this year.  I love sending home a kindergarten spring break packet with my students before vacation. Not just any packets – fun, engaging, and easy ways to continue practicing what I’ve already taught them. You can get the packet here!

Keep it fun

Vacation is a time for everyone to unwind. You don’t want to burden students with extra work they have to do. They need downtime and fun just as much as you do! But, there is a way to keep the students practicing what you taught them in a fun way. I personally always made these kindergarten spring break packets optional too. I never wanted families to feel pressured. However, I did want to give them activities to try if they were looking for some ways to keep learning throughout the vacation. In fact, there is a version included in my product with the option to give a prize to students who complete the work or a version with no prize. I never did a prize with my students, but rather gave the packets to families making it clear that this was an optional activity. I make this clear in my letter to families.

Kindergarten spring break Literacy activities

The number one most important thing for students to continue doing over spring break is to continue reading. This is why I have created a reading challenge for them to try and read a book that starts with every letter of the alphabet. Students love this challenge and often ask to continue it after the break is over.

Kindergarten spring break Math activities

In a similar style as the alphabetical reading challenge, for math, children are encouraged to complete 10 different math activities. All of these activities can be done anywhere and need little help from adults to complete. I love using activities like this one to show families how easy it is to integrate learning into everything they already do!

Return to school activities

If you are concerned about your students forgetting everything over the break, you’re probably also (rightly) concerned about the transition back to school. Students do tend to forget some of the expectations for school upon return after a long break. Don’t wait until there is an issue. Review expectations right away. Schedule time during your first day back. You also might want to leave time in your day for students to share about their breaks.

I love doing a Find a Friend activity for morning meeting activity so that right away students have the opportunity to share about their break. I am also mindful of the fact that not every student did something fancy or exciting over the break. That’s why I like this Find a Friend activity – all students should be able to find something on the page that they did over the break. This way all students can participate in the activity.

In addition to playing Find a Friend, I like to give my students an opportunity to write about their spring break. Now that the school year is almost over, we really want to push our students to write more and to add more details. This is why I have provided a planning template for students. They can use the planning sheet to help guide them to add more details in their writing.


You don’t have to worry about your students over break! You can enjoy your time and so can your students with this kindergarten spring break packet! Students will enjoy completing the challenges and practicing all that you have taught them! And the day after break? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered with a Find a Friend activity and a planning sheet for writing about their spring breaks!

What challenge would your students be more excited to complete – the reading A to Z or the math 1-10? Let me know in the comments!


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