Parent Communication Made Easy with ClassTag

parent communication is made easy with ClassTag

Teachers have a million things to worry about during the year, but don’t let parent communication be one of them! ClassTag has everything I have ever looked for in a parent communication tool. I’ll get into all the parent communication features, but my favorite feature? ClassTag is completely free to teachers and parents and you can earn rewards simply for using the app!

This is a sponsored post by ClassTag. More information about ClassTag can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

Email, Text, and Translate Parent Communications

It is so important to be able to translate all communications with parents so that everyone can easily access your parent communications. ClassTag automatically translates all parent communications into 100+ languages! This is a huge benefit to schools and families and will definitely help enhance communication with all families.

Flexibility is really important with parents. They are so busy and have so much going on, teachers need to be as flexible as possible when communicating with parents. I love that ClassTag lets parents choose if they want SMS text, print,  or emailed communications.

Lastly, don’t we hate it when we send email after email and have no idea if the parents have even received it?! ClassTag shows us when parents have read your emails – so there’s no more wondering! ClassTag also keeps statistics of family’s engagement. You can check on their last visit to the ClassTag site, how many times they have volunteered and RSVP’d to events and what percentage of announcements they have read.

Share photos, videos, and other files

         They say a picture is worth 1000 words… this is why I love sharing photos and videos with families, but I’ve always struggled with the best way to do it. I want to choose whether I share photos and videos with individual families or the whole class. I also want to make sure that when I share photos, they are secure and private. ClassTag easily lets teachers share photos and videos, as well as other files, with individual parents, families, or the whole class!

Stephanie from @ClasswithSass told me: “I absolutely love using ClassTag to build parent/teacher relationships. It is so easy to share pictures and videos in the classroom. Last year, parents weren’t allowed in the building so ClassTag gave them a way to stay connected and see what we were learning in the classroom.”

Schedule newsletters and reminders to send

         I am a planner. I like to have my weekly newsletters written a day or two ahead of time, so the fact that ClassTag lets teachers schedule newsletters to send is such a blessing! I can schedule it for the end of the day Friday and no longer worry about remembering to press send or stuff their folders with newsletters before the day is over. Something I can’t wait to try out is the ability to schedule reminders! Every library day, how helpful would it be to send a reminder to bring in their library books!? Scheduling a field trip? I can set up reminders for permission slips and clothing/lunch reminders all ahead of time, so I don’t even have to think about it!

Conference, volunteer, and donations sign ups

         My least favorite part of getting ready for parent-teacher conferences is making the sign-ups. There just isn’t an easy way to do it…. Until now! ClassTag’s conference sign up system is so easy and it automatically sends reminders to parents before their conference time! You can also encourage parents to sign up for volunteer slots or to bring class supply donations. Plus, all these events get added to the classroom calendar so that parents, and you, can keep track of all the upcoming dates!

Earn rewards!

Just by using ClassTag’s site and app, you unlock rewards! You earn coins for parent communications, announcements, parent teacher conference sign ups, etc. The more coins you earn, the more rewards you can get! They have 12 different categories of rewards for the classroom. It’s hard to say which reward I would choose first… I always love getting new books and games for the classroom!


         Parent communication is made easy with ClassTag. They translate texts and emails so you can easily communicate with all your parents. ClassTag also lets you send photos, videos, and other files to individual families or the whole class. Other benefits include scheduling newsletters and reminders ahead of time and easily getting parents to sign up for parent-teacher conferences, volunteering, or supply donations. Lastly, you can earn classroom rewards just by using the app! Give ClassTag  a try and let me know what you think in the comments!


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