Fun Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a busy and exciting day in any classroom, but especially an early childhood classroom! There are so many fun Valentine’s Day activities you can do with your students! I am going to show you what I love to do in my classroom – all of which are from my Valentine’s Day product from Teachers Pay Teachers!

Fun Valentine’s Day Kid Activities

valentines day kid ideas

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, I send home a letter to my families about our classroom routines around Valentine’s Day cards. In my school, we are food-free, so I make sure to mention that to parents. I also want families to know that it is optional to make cards for the class, but I stress that if they do make cards, they need to make one for everyone. Also, I let them bring the cards the week of Valentine’s Day, not just the day of, and I have card-making supplies in the classroom for any students who did not make cards at home but want to participate.

The week before, I give my students white paper bags to decorate. I give them stickers and fun markers to decorate with. Then we put the bags on display in the classroom so that students can drop cards in when they are ready. I tell my students that they are not to open their own bag until Valentine’s Day (but this is really tricky!)

free valentines day activity for kids

I also have out fun coloring sheets for them, and we do a fun heart necklace. Students cut out hearts or the word love and decorate their necklace. They can also draw and cut out all the things that they love to include on their necklace!

Fun Valentine’s Day Read Alouds

valentines day kid ideas

These are my favorite February books (This includes Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, 100th Day, Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, and other winter books). My favorite Valentine’s Day book to read is Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool! I also love The Night Before Valentine’s Day. You can use these Amazon affiliate links to get copies for yourself! (The Night Before Valentine’s Day and Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool!)

valentines day kid ideas

I give my students their own Valentine’s Day emergent reader. There are two different levels in my product. I talk about the more commercial aspects of the holiday, but end with the important message that “the best way to show people we care is by being a kind friend!”.

Valentine’s Day Math

valentines day worksheet

During math, I have a couple fun activities for the students to do that are all Valentine’s Day related. The first is called “Heart Race” where the students have to fill all the hearts as quickly as possible. They roll the dice and can either fill up a whole heart or break the number apart to fill up multiple hearts. It’s a great game to practice decomposing numbers with.

I also have a couple of different count to 100 games where students have to fill in the missing hearts.

Fun Valentine’s Day Writing

valentines day worksheet

During writing, I love giving my students a pattern book to complete all about the different things they love. The book is full of different sentence starters. Children will write and draw their answers. Some of the prompts include, “I love to play ___” and “I love when my family ____”. The most interesting responses to read are for the prompt, “Love means ___”. The children have the most creative answers for it!


There are so many fun Valentine’s Day activities that you could do with your students. I hope that, if you try out some of my activities, you love them! If you do try them out, share it with me by tagging me on Instagram! No matter what you choose, I hope you and your students have a wonderful day!

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