What Makes Kindergarten Magical (Ep. 1)

what makes kindergarten magical? Kindergarten Cafe podcast.

In this first episode of The Kindergarten Cafe Podcast, join me, Zeba McGibbon, as I dive into the magic of kindergarten. 

Drawing from my 10 years of teaching experience, I want to explore the unique nature of this crucial grade and why it deserves more recognition. Despite the growing pressure to make kindergarten more academic, I want to advocate for a developmentally appropriate approach that meets children where they are. 

Discover the special moments that make kindergarten unforgettable, from the contagious laughter to the “light bulb” learning moments. I will share practical tips and tricks to reduce stress in the classroom and embrace the joy of teaching young learners. 

Let’s celebrate the magical world of kindergarten together!

In this episode I share:

  • How kindergarten is a unique and magical grade where children learn differently and develop foundational skills for success. 
  • The ways teachers in kindergarten play a crucial role in teaching everything from academics to social-emotional skills. 
  • Time management and working smarter, not harder, are essential for teachers in kindergarten to reduce stress and focus on the magical moments with their students.
  • Kindergarten is filled with hilarious and memorable moments that make teaching worthwhile. Recognizing and cherishing these moments keeps educators coming back year after year.

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