Felipe the Feeling Frog

Felipe the Feeling Frog

Walk around the neighborhood with Felipe the Feeling Frog, who learns that there is no such thing as a bad feeling! In this kid-friendly social and emotional learning book, children will learn different strategies for regulating emotions and identifying their feelings. 

In Felipe the Feeling Frog, Felipe learns that there are easy feelings and there are hard feelings. Felipe and the other Caring Critters display different emotions of sad, happy, angry, frustrated, excited, and lonely. These characters then model different emotional regulation skills. At the end of the book, there is a list of strategies to support children in transferring these skills to their own regulating emotion skills.

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After reading Felipe the Feeling Frog to your students, use this connected curriculum to share resources with families, complete related activities, and post visuals around the room. This related curriculum is a complete unit to help children realize that “all feelings are okay, as long as you deal with them in the right way!”. Activities will focus on identifying emotions, sorting feelings into easy feelings and hard feelings, and practicing strategies for our hard feelings.

Or, start off with a few free coloring pages to continue the Felipe the Feeling Frog Fun!

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