My Favorite Theme Day – Board Game Day


With the end of the year approaching, I can’t help but get excited for my favorite theme day for the whole year – Board Game Day. I love using theme days at the end of the year to keep students engaged and excited each day. You can read more about them here. My all-time favorite day, hands down, is Board Game Day. I will talk about how the day goes here. I highly encourage all of you to try it this year!

Planning Board Game Day

I always plan my favorite theme day – board game – for the third to last day of school. For me, our last day is always a half day so there really isn’t a lot of time to do much. It goes by so quickly. But the third to last day of school is usually a very long day and pretty much everything is done and ready to send home today so that bags aren’t too heavy over the next couple of days. I love to have a Crazy Cleanup Day the second to last day of school so that my students can help clean up the room and say goodbye to it. Hence, board game day is the always the third to last day of school.

All you need to plan for Board Game Day is some leftover art supplies you want to get rid of anyways and to invite the children to bring in their favorite board games.

The Morning of My Favorite Theme Day – Board Game Day

The morning is spent playing board games. The children are engaged and excited to play new games with their friends and share their favorite games with others. They are reading the rules and practicing taking turns. So much great learning comes from board games. If a child forgets to bring one, not to worry! Maybe you have some from your classroom that you can lend out. You could also ask a fellow teacher if they have any that the children can borrow, that way the game is still new and special. You may be surprised, but this really can take all morning. The children have so much fun playing. When they are bored with one game, they just go to a different game!

The Afternoon of Board Game Day

The afternoon is probably what makes Board Game Day my favorite theme day of the whole year. The children spend all afternoon making up their own games and then eventually playing them with their friends. They use your art supplies (which helps to get rid of any unwanted materials for the year), or these printable board game pieces, to start making their boards. They decide if they want to use dice, a spinner, or cards. Then they write down the rules for their game. They are so engaged at this time that you could hear a pin drop. They absolutely love creating their games. Then, when the day is over they are eager to have their friends and family try them out.


Board Game Day is my favorite theme day of the whole year and I look forward to it each and every year. I hope that you try it out and see its magic firsthand. You will be amazed and how engaged your students are all day with this simple schedule. Try it out and then let me know in the comments how it goes! If you share on social media, tag me so I can see! Have fun!

Want two free board game sheets to try your own board game day?


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